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Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Doctor Katherine G. Johnson Oscar Night 2017

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This is a podcast script we wrote around this time last year. We will try to upload the podcast too. We are so happy "Hidden Figures" is doing so incredibly well and nominated for Oscar.  Dr. Johnson deserves all this attention. At 98 she is still extraordinary woman.


TAG: Welcome to the maiden voyage of The Women’s Mercury, who always

ask the question, “What did women do in the olden days and why don’t we know about it?”

Our first story is ready for take-off. Danielle last name, take it away…

Audio : Rocket blasting into space


In mid- twentieth century America, what course could a female mathematical genius chart for her career? Math teacher.  But in 1953 Dr. Katherine G Johnson left teaching to begin a career in Aeronautics at NACA later known as NASA. Dr. Johnson joined the pool of female mathematical calculators who performed the task of “a human computer” or Johnson’s loving term, computers in skirts.

In 1958, Johnson was asked to join a team of aeronautical engineers to calculate trajectories for space travel.  Dr. Katherine Johnson never returned to the math pool of skirts. From Project Mercury to Apollo 11 first moon landing to the Space Shuttle, Dr. Katherine Johnson was there and known for her accuracy in computerized celestial navigation.

It was Dr. Johnson’s back up plan the Apollo 13 crew used to return safely home from space.

In 2015, for her contributions to space exploration, President Barack

Obama presented Dr. Johnson, now 98, with America’s

highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

To learn more about the brilliant physicist, space scientist Dr. Katherine G. Johnson and other

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BRIDGET:  And Bridget Gethins, Keri Wormald, thanking you, WCVE, Manchester-Group and Dr. Johnson for shooting for the stars. OR

BRIDGET: And Bridget Gethins KERI: Keri Wormald

BRIDGET: Thanking you, WCVE, Manchester-Group, and Dr. Johnson for shooting for the stars.

Join us next time when we learn Lady Lovelace is not a clothing line but one of the first computer scientist.

Saturday, January 21, 2017



To see millions of women and girls standing up for their rights! We the Women stand and march in unity.  We are the United Women of America!  And we demand equality. Equal pay, equal time, equal everything.

Women are the ALPHA. We understand who we are and where we are going and no one is going stop us. Trust us.

We are the vessels of life and we know our abilities. In these times that try our souls we the female must support each other and trust each other.

Women are amazing. As I have wandered the WWW and books, I have been awed by the richness of our story throughout time.  Our strength, our intelligence, our dignity and our passion have changed this world in extraordinary ways.  Even when questionable, it is amazing!
I believe knowledge of our past history strengthens us and prepares women for what may be in future!

So on this day and in this era, where it seems "female" is under attack. We fight back, and as we are able communicate with www we are growing closer and able to understand we are each other's sisters.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton for President! I have a dream.....

I am with Hillary Clinton because she is with us. All of us. Madame President! Oh, how I long to hear this said-
Truly, this election is one of the most extreme difference between two candidates ever!
Hillary is smart, and thoughtful, with over forty years of experience in public service. Her opponent Mr. Trump is devious, liar, has absolutely no experience in public service. None. Hillary is compassionate toward all people. Her career is completely based on service of people. Her focus is how to make this world a better place for everyone. And Hillary Clinton has a platform, ideas on how to make this a better country and a better world.
Trump has done nothing to help anyone except him self. I believe he is a sociopath. Politifact.com researched his statements and 98% of the time Trump is lying. And most disturbing to me as a woman is his mistreatment of women throughout his life.
Can there be two more different people?
America's first woman on a national ballot as President of the United States and the voters can vote for an amazing woman who has worked for the people her entire career. Or they can vote for a man who has absolutely no experience and is a male chauvinist. There so many horror stories about this man. And they come from so many different sources and over the span of his life. There is no place for such character in a leadership role, let alone president of the United States. He is completely unqualified to serve.
Hillary Clinton is qualified, completely qualified. She has to be because she is a woman. The first woman.  Women have always had to be the best just to be considered. And I hope and pray that every woman votes for Hillary Clinton. She is the most honest candidate and the smartest, and most experienced, and she is about the common good for all human beings and our mother earth. There is so much to be done and who better than a mother, a grandmother and a person who cares for us all. Everything Hillary has ever done has been for us.

Thursday, July 28, 2016


Tonight Hillary Rodham Clinton is the first woman to be the nomination for president of a major party. The Democratic Party's nomination for President of the United States of America!