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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 15

Born this day in 1867, Maggie L. Walker, a woman that changed the world of
business with her vision and dedication to supporting and helping Black
Americans at a time when separatism was growing in the South.

"Let us put our money together, let us use our money. Let us put our money out
at usury among ourselves and reap the benefit ourselves."

Ms. Walker was a teacher and as she taught by day she studied accounting by night.
As a member of "The Independent Order of Saint Luke's", a black social and civic organization. Ms. Walker worked her way up and was elected the Right Worthy Grand-Secretary-Treasure. A starting salary one third of what it should have paid 8 dollars a month. This did not stop Maggie Walker- as a talented public speaker she toured to increase membership. Raising membership up to 100,000 with 1,500 local chapters. Leading The Order out of debt.
Maggie Walker dreamed of opening a bank that was owned and operated by Black Americans and her dream came true- On November 2, 1903- making her the first woman to be founder and serve as president of "Saint Luke Penny Savings Bank" and becoming
"Consolidated Bank and Trust" which is still operating today.
To read more about Maggie Walker. "Maggie L. Walker: Pioneering Banker and Community Leader" by Candice F. Ransome

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