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Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 20th

Born this day in 1924,Gloria Vanderbilt,artist,designer,and author. Vanderbilt began her life as a "poor little rich girl". A rich father who died when she was an infant, a mother who jet setted all over Europe and spend, spend, spend- but it was her daughter's money she was spending. Luckily for Gloria, her Aunt Gertrude Whitney(an artist) won custody and Vanderbilt grew up in Long Island along with her cousins her age. And her money was safe from the her Mommy dearest. This is just the beginning! Studying art at the Art Students League of New York. And then in the 1970's Vanderbilt turned her eye to fashion and those famous "swan jeans" were born, so tight and with Vanderbilt's signature with the swan, very successful and the colourful scarves! Mini-series in the early 80's, Little Gloria...Happy At Last was a great success. But, today Vanderbilt is her studio, her latest show in 2007, "Dream Boxes". And her latest adventure a novel, Obsession: An Erotic Tale And 2010 there is a new biography, The World Of Gloria Vanderbilt
To visit Gloria Vanderbilt's art and I recommend it. www.gloriavanderbuiltfinart.com
Ps.Anderson Cooper is her son.

Karoline Mikkelson is 1st woman on Antarctica 1935

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