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Sunday, July 30, 2006

"Poetry is life distilled."
~Gwendolyn Brooks

Poet, novelist Emily Jane Bronte was born this
day in 1818. During her life her poetry and novel
were published under the name Ellis Bell. After
her death Emily's sister Charlotte edited and
published her only novel "Wuthering Heights"
under her real name in 1850. The reason the
Bronte sister used androgynous names to
publish was to avoid the prejudice against
women writers of the time.

Lawyer and co-founder of the Washington College
of Law, Emma Gillett was born this day in 1852.
To get around the fact that George Washington
University would not allow women to finish
their last year in the study of law because they
claimed "women did not have the mentality for law."
So in April of 1898 they opened their doors as the
first Law School in the world for women. Today, they
are a part of American University.

Kate Bush was born this day in 1958. She was
the first woman to hit the rock charts 1978 as
composer and performer of the song "Wuthering
Heights". Heathcliff, its me, Kathy, I've come
home and I'm so cold, let me in your window.