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"Someone, I say will remember us in the future."

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

"Thoughts have no sex."
~Clare Boothe Luce

Sarah Emma Edmonds Seelye, died this
day in 1898. She was born in 1841. As
a young girl, she was raised by a curel
father in Canada- running away to Michigan,
the Union was signing up soldiers for the
Civil War. Then Ms. Edmonds, enlisted as
a man under the name-Franklin Thompson.
Joining the infantry in Michigan- she/he was
trained in Washington D.C. Fought in the
Battle of Blackburn's Ford: First Bull Run/
Manassas, Peninsular Campaign, Antietam,
and Fredericksburg, Va. Sometimes, Mr.
Thompson would act as a spy, either as an
African American male or an Irish peddler
known as Bridget O'Shea. But, after a
year, Mr. Thompson contracted malaria; and
to avoid detection... Ms. Edmonds checked
into a private hospital. A "desertion poster"
for Franklin Thompson made it impossible
for her to return to this soldier life- so she
served as a nurse. In 1865, she published
her story-"Nurse and Spy In the Union Army"
In 1884, Ms. Edmonds received a veteran's
pension as Mrs. Seelye. She was then
married and had three children.

Cathy Guisewite, born this day in 1950.
Ms. Guisewite the creator of the comic
strip "Cathy".