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Sunday, October 01, 2006

"The truth about your own life is not
always easy to accept, and some-
times hasn't even occurred to you."
~Anna Quindlen

Discovered this day in 1847,
"Miss Mitchell's Comet", which Maria
Mitchell discovered and was awarded
a goldmedal by the King Frederick VII of
Denmark- as the first discovered
"telescopic comet"...since the
award was created the year before.

Esther Boiser Van Deman, born this
day in 1862. A leading archeolgist
of the late 19th century and early 20th
century. Known for her analysis of
building materials, establishing a
chronolgy of construction on ancient
sites. Greatest work-"The Building
of the Roman Aqueducts".

Rose O'Neal Greenhow, a Confederate
spy drowned this day in 1864. Moving in
politcial circles she passed military in-
formation. She was arrested in 1862 and
imprisoned at the Old Capital Prison.
After her release, Jefferson Davis
sent her to Europe to carry dispatches
to England and France- in London Ms.
Greenhow wrote her memiors, "My
Imprisonment and the First Year of
Abolition Rule at Washington". Leaving
Europe, again she was carrying dispatches
on the Condor and it ran aground at the
mouth of the Cape Fear River, fearing
capture, Ms. Greenhow fled by rowboat,
a wave capsized it and Ms. Greenhow,
weighed down with 2,000 dollars
worth of gold, royalties from her book-
she drowned.