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Monday, November 10, 2008

Nov 2

On this day in 1083, the smallest adult monarch died! Queen Matilda of Flanders, wife of William I the Conqueror. Standing 4' 2", Queen Matilda birthed 11 children to William and was true to him until one of her kids wanted the Crown. And then it all gets very muddled and leads to the War of the Roses-this is just a short note. Ha.

Also on this day in 1755, Marie-Antoinette was born. She was the last Queen of France- and yes, she lost her head to a crowd of very hungry French people.

Nov 1

On this day in 1872, Susan B. Anthony registered to vote in Rochester, NY. And on Nov 5th she was arrested for attempting to cast a vote!

Born this day on this day in Canada, Mary Adelaida Nutting. She moved to Baltimore, Maryland in 1889 to attend John Hopkins Hospital's first Training School for Nursing. After graduation in 1891 Mary Nutting served as Head Nurse. And in 1894 principal of the School and in 1907 joined the Teacher's College at Columbia University as the world first Professor of Nursing. And then from 1910-1925 headed the department of Nursing and Health. In 1934 was named honorary president of the Florence Nightingale International Foundation. During Ms. Nutting's career, she many articles about nursing and these article lead to the first two volumes of, "A History of Nursing" which became the standard for organized nursing.

Here is to our good health!