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Friday, June 01, 2007

These images of women's history in the month of June are
filled with women gaining rights and losing rights.
The Nineteenth Amendment, allowing women to vote; giving
women a national voice in the United States. To the Supreme
Court ruling in favor of a women's education in military schools
in 1996. Twenty years earlier, in June 1976 the first women(157 of
them) began their military education with the US Air Force Academy.
But, looking again- Susan B. Anthony is on trial June 17, 1873 for
trying to vote- yes, illegally. And that same day in 1885, Lady Liberty
arrives in New York City. A gift from France as a symbol of the United
State's democracy and freedom for all. Well, not quiet yet.
Then on June 30, 1983, the Equal Rights Amendment fails ratification
by three states. Sometimes I ask people; "What year was the Equal Rights
Amendment passed?" Most answer, in the 1920's?? or 1800's. Not knowing
not at all. I ask young women if they understand they are not yet fully protected
under the Constitution and they seem to think the Right to Vote was it or
Title Nine that Nixon signed into law in 1974 protects their rights. Not all of them.
Or better stated not all the way. We can and are equally educated, but that still is
not fully recognized in the work place.