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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

VOTE NOV 6th 2012

Women of the United States of America.  A woman's right to vote her-story is a surprising one.
Answer and or consider the following questions and answer.:
Did you know women did have the right to vote before the 20th century?

1776Abigail Adams writes to her husband, John Adams, asking him to "remember the ladies" in the new code of laws. Adams replies the men will fight the "despotism of the petticoat."
1777Women lose the right to vote in New York.
1780Women lose the right to vote in Massachusetts.
1784Women lose the right to vote in New Hampshire.
1787US Constitutional Convention places voting qualifications in the hands of the states. Women in all states except New Jersey lose the right to vote.
1792Mary Wollstonecraft publishes Vindication of the Rights of Women in England.
1807Women lose the right to vote in New Jersey, the last state to revoke the right.

There is a huge reason for federal laws.  The above history is an excellent example.  We need the balance of federal and state to protect all Americans.  Women are under attack today and when you hear "well, we can let the states decide" like the republicans keep saying- divide and conquer. It took 113 years for women to recover the right to vote.
When the suffrage movement began in earnest in 1848. The plan of the National Woman Suffrage Association was to gain the vote state by state because it had been lost state by state in 18th century. By 1913, another generation had another vision. Lead by Alice Paul and Lucy Burn, they lead an aggressive campaign to gain women's suffrage for entire country. In 65 years there were only a handful of states that allowed women to vote and as Alice Paul said that by this rate it would take another 100 years for all states ratify the vote for women. VOTE woman! VOTE
Did Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Matilda Joslyn Gage live to see the 19th Amendment and then exercise her right to vote?

Sadly, no.  Anthony died in 1906, Stanton died in 1902 and Gage died in 1898. All three of these women gave heart and lives to cause of Women's Suffrage.
Please vote. It is your Liberty at stake.

Now, who was Matilda Joslyn Gage?

We always read and hear about Anthony and Stanton, as the Mothers of women's suffrage, but there was another who deserves just as much as credit. Gage.  She was unable to be a Secca Falls, but Gage was at the Convention in 1852.  Together these three women created the National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA)

What is a feminist?  A person who supports human rights for women.  Men and children can be feminist too!

I sometimes hear a woman say, "Now, I am not a feminist...".  And what she is saying is she should not have Rights, Liberty and should not be included in "We The People..".
Why would any woman give up her rights?  There are many women, girls throughout the world who are standing up for their rights to be a feminist and here in the United States we are in a dangerous time in which we could loose so much of our freedom.  Please, don't take it for granted. In a blink , it could all disappear.  Just another reason to VOTE!!!