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Thursday, March 08, 2018

March 8th, 2018 I held on to this entry for well over a year.

2016. It was the best of times and it was the worse of times for women.  The last blog entry in 2016, was about Trump who is becoming our next president. Shocking really. The questions keep coming up about Trump winning with the help of the Russians and Putin. There are holes throughout this election.
I write this not as sour grapes, but I don't think most Americans agreed with Trump at all. Or his views on women.
So forward and onward gals! Hitch your wagon to the stars and let's take a ride, a journey toward freedom, and liberty and justice for all super duper gals!

Three Names: John James Audubon, Curry and Ives and William Comfort Tiffany. Most likely you have heard of these artists , all very well known. Now another three names: Maria Martin, Fanny Palmer and Clara Driscoll ? Have you heard of these artists? They are connected to the male artists.

Maria Martin and John James Audubon worked together on the water colors of Birds of American series. Ms. Martin was married to Audubon's business partner the Rev Bachman. Martin painted the "background and the trees, flowers, scenery. And what about the fact that Audubon was going blind the last ten years of his life?

Fanny Palmer and the gentle businessmen "Curry and Ives" were printmakers and Ms. Palmer, a widow with five children provided the homestead drawings of 19th century life. Palmer's work has been woven into our lives so completely she is always with us. From the prints to the songs to the dinner plates and whatever else her work has been transferred on.

Clara Driscoll and William Comfort Tiffany. In 2007, a woman researching Tiffany opened a drawer and Clara Driscoll came to life!  Yes, it was not just Tiffany designing the glass he is so famous for- Driscoll designed some of the most beautiful glass pieces, like the Dragon Fly lamp, and the wisteria and peony flowers. And discovered the brighter glass for the company.

Why were these women buried in a dusty corner, or drawer? Why were only the men allowed to take the credit?  Was it intensional? By keeping women's stories out of the "limelight" her history has been taken away and that history is vital! If you don't know where you have been , it's harder uunderstand where you are going.