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"Someone, I say will remember us in the future."

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

"Art is not a study of positive
reality, it is the seeking for
ideal truth."
~George Sand

Mercy Lavinia Statton, born this day
in 1841. Better known as, "Mrs. Tom
Thumb", she worked with her husband
for P.T. Barum- when they married Mr.
Barnum sold tickets to the recieption
for 75$ to the first five thousand. A
very popular couple.

Mary Wilkins Freeman, born this day
in 1852. A novelist and early feminist
who used ghost stories as a vehicle to
explore the social, personal and economic
pressures of women and their concerns that
were often,"devalued, silenced", by the man.
"Luella Miller"and "The Wind in the Rose Bush"
are a lovely read for Halloween!

Juliette Gordon Low, born this day in
1860. Founder of the Girl Scouts of
America on March 12, 1912. Meeting
Sir Robert Baden-Powell, who founded
the Boy Scouts, inspired Ms. Low to do
something for the girls.

Indira Gandhi was assassinated this day
in 1984, by Sikh bodyguards; she was the
Prime Minster of India.