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"Someone, I say will remember us in the future."

Sunday, August 27, 2006

"Sin makes its own hell, and good-
ness its own heaven."
~Mary Baker Eddy

Sophia Smith, born this day in 1796.
Founder of Smith College, opening
its doors to women in 1875.

Julia Marlowe, born this day in 1866.
A Shakespearean actor, she debuted
on Broadway in 1895. Appearing in
more than 70 productions.

Mary Anderson, born this day in 1872.
A labor leader, Ms. Anderson was
known as one of our Nation's foremost
authority in the struggle for women's
rights in their lives and the workplace.

Rose McClendon, born this day in 1884.
A figure in the Harlem Renaissance, Ms.
McClendon made her debut in 1926-
"Deep River" -native opera with jazz-
A director of many plays of the Harlem
Experimental Theatre and co-founder
of Negro People's Theatre in 1935.

Mother Teresa, born this day in 1910.
Known as, "Saint of the Gutter", "Angel
of Mercy". Mother Teresa, cared for the
poorest of the poor of Calcutte, India.
She saw God in every human being.
Beatified by Pope John Paul in 2003,
properly called "Blessed Teresa".

First female iron worker, Patricia Oakes
born this day. From the Mohawk tribe,
her Father and Grandfather, too were
iron workers.