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Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25th

Born this day in 1838, Sarah Ann Dickey, an ordained minister of United Brethren Church and educator. Born in Ohio, Rev. Dickey did not start her own education until she was 16, but in three years she earned a teaching certificate.During the Civil War, Rev. Dickey traveled to Vicksburg, Mississippi,to teach recently freed slaves.
After the war, Rev. Dickey went back to school, Mount Holyoke Female Seminary to further her education. Graduating in 1869, Dickey moved back to Mississippi to dedicate her life to educating former slaves. This lead to Rev. Dickey founding Mount Hermon Female Seminary, which opened in October 1875 in Clinton, Mississippi.
The school closed in 1924. Rev. Sarah Dickey never married but raised many children left in her care. ( I found no images of the school or of Rev. Dickey- very strange)

April 24th

Born this day in 1931, Bridget Riley, visual artist. Riley is the Mother of the Op-Art movement of the early 1960's. As you can see from above these images are so familiar and part of our culture. Riley created these images as an exploration into light and form. But, no one had ever created such concepts of paint on the canvas. And Op-Art was born- but we must remember that when Riley was painting these paintings there was no Op-Art! Very exciting. Changing the world of Art- in such a strong and powerful way. I point out that at the time, the artist was disappointed with the way her work became so commercial and common place- but to me that can never be true. I hope she feels differently today with perspective.

On this day in 1908, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Murdock became the 1st to travel across the United States by car, they left Los Angeles in a Packard and arrived in New York City in 32d-5h-25m. Where are the photos, I wonder?