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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August 1

"The eye that directs a needle in the
delicate meshes of embroidery, will
equally well biset a star with the spider
web of the micrometer."
~ Maria Mitchell

Caroline Herschel, this day in 1785 discovered
a comet, making her the first women to do so.

Born this day in 1818, Maria Mitchell was the
first Amercian to discover and record a comet
sighting in 1847. She was the first female member
of the Amercian Academy of Arts and Sciences.
A professor of astronomy at Vassar College.
As a young woman, age 17, Ms. Mitchell
created her own school for girls, training them
in science and mathematics.

Mother Jones, known as the Grandmother of
All Agitators, was born this day in 1837. She
inspired the magazine, Mother Jones whose
articles advocate many social issues she
supported. A Union organizer, Mother lead
the "Children's Crusade of 1903", the children
marching from Kensington, PA to Oyster Bay,
NY with banners reading, "We want to go to
School!" and "We want time to play!" Which
brought the issues of child labor to the forefront
in our society.

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