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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

"Girls and women who are denied access
to education, information, and real forms
of economics, social and political part-
ticipation are particulary vulnerable.
Some political regimes favor vaccination
of young boys over young girls. It is totally
unacceptable and we need to speak out
against such practices." Dec. 8th, 1998
~Gro Harlem Brundtland

Mary Gove Nichols, born this day in 1810;
a victim of emotional and sexual abuse at
the hands of her first husband. Ms. Nichols
made it her life's work to ensure/inform all
women about their bodies. A national figure
1840-50's Ms. Nichols traveled the country
giving lectures to thousands of women
discussing, in detail, their needs and desires.
Demanding women have rights over their
bodies. She believed in equality in marriage,
free love, hydro-therpapy and the importance
of happiness.

Esther McQuigg Slack Morris born this day in
1814. A suffragist Ms. Morris organized the
Movement in the Wyoming Territory,- lead to
the passage of such law allowing married
women to own and control their property.
Equal pay for women teachers. She was
the first woman Justice of the Peace in
the United States- appointed in 1870.

Sara Teasdale born this day in 1884. A
poet, she won the Columbia Unversity
Poetry Society Prize for 'Love Songs' in

Marjoire Kinnan Rawlings born this day in
1896. Won the Pulitzer in 1939 for her
well loved book, "The Yearling". Professor
at the Universtiy of Flordia in creative writing.

Svetlana Savitskaya born this day in 1948.
The second woman in space and the first
woman to walk in space, July 25th, 1984.
Two time winner of the Hero fo the Soviet

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