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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

"It is our duty to make this world a better
place for women."
~Christable Pankhurst

Mary Randolph Randolph born this day
in 1762. Author of , "The Virginia House-
wife." First published in 1824, it is rarely
out print. It is not only a cookbook, but a
history book of early Amercian manners
and dining.

Anna Peck Sill born this day in 1816.
Founder of Rockford College for Women.
In 1847 she started teaching in an old
downtown courthouse, with few students
and the only teacher- she stood by her
dream of education of women.

Janie Porter Barrett born this day in 1865.
A welfare worker and educator Ms. Barrett
founded The Locust Street Social Settlement
in 1890 in Norfolk, Va. It helped poor women,
through education, job skills training and educating
their children. In 1908, she founded the Va. Federation
of Colored Women's Club. In 1914, with the help
of Mary Cooke-Branch Mumford and Maggie Lena
Walker, a farm was purchased in Hanover County
Va. It provided a safe house, medical care, job
training for unmarried women of color and for
their children. In 1948, the General Assembly of
Va. named the Hanover County School in honor
of Ms Barrett.

This day in 1956 the women of South Africa
protested the "pass law" also known as the
dompas. It was the most despised symbols
of apartheid.

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