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Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Being Woman

So, I have been blogging Beingwoman since June 2006, not everyday or even once a month, but December 6th 2010, I did blog ALmost every day. I must state, this blog changed my life.
How? By learning the answer to the question, "What did women do in the olden days and how come we don't know about it?" The answer has been astounding, amazing and the history of humans makes more sense to me. Woman is the Universe, she creates, gives birth, understands, communicates, and holds the center of being safe within herself. This sentence is abstract, but those words are images in mind.
I have shared my research on this blog, in conversations and any time and any where I can share these bits of herstory. I will continue to add to this blog. At this point I have 374 entries. And there are more to come, because as much as I would have loved to have been able to have hammered out a daily blog- life stepped in.
Again, there is more to come but I wanted to share the thoughts at this point in time. Thank you for reading and there is more to come because beingwoman is being human and she is alive. Peace.

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  1. I love your researching these women, many, many of whom, I knew little. Thanks for all of the time and effort you've put into this blog. I don't always comment but I am here. peace


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